Course Evaluation | Spalding University Student Handbook

Course Evaluation

Spalding Online Course Evaluation All course evaluations at Spalding are conducted online through a program called EvaluationKit. Students are invited to take the course evaluation survey through automatic email notification. They can use a link in the email to find their surveys. They may also access surveys through a link on the course page for the class. Faculty will have access to the course evaluation results two weeks after the end of each session (courses with a non-standard schedule may vary). 

Confidentiality and Integrity  

Spalding University recognizes that confidentiality in the course evaluation process is a student concern. Be assured that the EvaluationKit software protects student anonymity. Paper based surveys are handwritten, so the online version better protects a student‘s identity. The surveys are given prior to the students receiving their grades and results are withheld from faculty until after the grading period. Survey access is organized and controlled for each student. Students view their own Student Dashboard where they can only access surveys for courses they are enrolled in. Students are only able to provide one survey submission per survey, and their responses are completely anonymous.   

EvaluationKit records each instance of a completed survey for a given course/instructor, so that a student can only complete an evaluation for a particular course once. At the time the survey completion is marked in the system, the information that identifies the student submitting responses is disassociated from the data. This allows the system to recognize that students have completed the evaluation process without linking their identities, including names, schools, or majors with the actual responses.