Referring Students for Compassionate Action | Spalding University Student Handbook

Referring Students for Compassionate Action

The Office of the Dean of Students serves as the clearinghouse through which any member of the campus community can report concerns relating to student wellbeing or request individual outreach to a student. The Dean of Students may refer eligible students to the Peer Support program, which pairs an MSW practicum student with a student needing support navigation community resources. 

All members of the Spalding community who are designated as a 'Mandated Reporter' under Title IX MUST report possible sexual assault, harassment, dating or partner violence, stalking, and related concerns. Visit the Title IX page for more information and how to report.  

In the case of an immediate emergency contact Emergency Services by calling 911 or Campus Safety at 873-4444 or 4444 from any campus phone. 

To make a referral to the Office of the Dean of Students please consult the Campus Directory for phone and email.