Emergency Financial Assistance | Spalding University Student Handbook

Emergency Financial Assistance

Administered through the Office of the Dean of Students in its compassionate action role, the Spalding University STudent Assistance INitiative (SUSTAIN), is a student emergency financial assistance program that is 100% funded by contributions from the faculty and staff of Spalding University. 

The program provides financial assistance to students at risk of being unable to persist in their educational endeavors due to unexpected emergency financial dilemmas. As funding is limited, not all requests can be approved and priority is given to students experiencing emergencies and students demonstrating efforts to positively address their financial issues. 

Once the fund is depleted there may be no further disbursements until such a time as funds are again available. 

Please note that funding cannot be used to pay tuition or debts owed to Spalding University. 


Applicants to Spalding University Emergency Financial Assistance program must meet the following criteria: 

Undergraduate, AAP or Graduate students in a degree seeking program  
Maintain Satisfactory Academic Progress / Good Academic Standing (students on academic or behavioral probation are not eligible) 
Must have completed 3 consecutive sessions and be in good academic standing 
Must be currently enrolled in at least 1 course during the session assistance is requested. 
Have a FAFSA form on file for the current school year 

Assistance is granted without regard to race, color, creed, religion, sexual orientation, age, gender, disability or national origin. 

Application Process 

In order to request disbursement from the SUSTAIN Fund a student should contact the Dean of Students to request an application . 

Assistance Payments 

The maximum grant should not exceed $500 per academic year (7 sessions). Students are only eligible to receive the grant once per academic year. Lifetime maximum of award cannot exceed $1,500/student. 


Recipients agree to provide documentation of bills for which funds are requested so the funds may be remitted directly to the biller or documented proof that assistance funds were applied to the emergency expense indicated on the application. Utilizing funds granted for emergency assistance in ways other than those agreed upon or noted in the application may violate the Dishonesty portion of the Honor Code.