Spalding University Library supports the mission of its parent institution. The library provides: library services to support the university's educational social, and cultural programs; a collection that is effectively organized and administered; access to information and materials needed to support the curriculum, faculty research, and general interests of the university community wherever this information may be located; space for student and faculty research and for the library staff to work efficiently; a competent staff to serve the needs of the its patrons; and adequate fiscal resources to accomplish its mission. The library shall reflect the highest standards of professional librarianship. To ensure that the resources and services of the University Library meet the needs of the faculty and students, continual evaluation of the collection, services and staff is performed, and faculty involvement in the selection of a major portion of the learning resources is a matter of ongoing policy.


Circulation Policy

The library at Spalding University considers the circulation transaction a contract between the library and the borrower. It is the borrower‘s responsibility to adhere to the terms of the circulation contract. Failure to adhere to the prescribed terms will result in fees. The borrower will be verbally informed of the item‘s due date. A due date stamp will also be placed on the item, if possible. Prescribed terms and restrictions differ according borrower type and material type. A listing of terms for each category are as follows:


Borrower Types 

The library at Spalding University extends borrowing privileges to several types of patrons associated with Spalding University and its affiliated institutions. Borrowers from Metroversity, Inc. member institutions are also granted borrowing privileges. Users not affiliated with Spalding University or Metroversity, Inc. may be granted borrowing privileges and are considered special users. Special users‘ privileges are granted on an individual basis as determined by the Library Director.


Borrower Type:

Spalding Undergraduates

Spalding Graduate Students

Spalding Faculty

Spalding Staff

Presentation Students

Presentation Faculty

Metroversity Borrowers

Spalding Alumni

Special Users


Equipment Room Keys Testing Kits Archival Material


Regular Books:

24 hours 7 days Archive Use Only

Borrowers receive an overdue notice 2 weeks after the original due date after which two additional notices are sent in two week increments. When the item becomes 49 days overdue, the borrower receives a bill (a fine) for the book. The fine will be removed from the borrowers‘ account upon return of the item.


Regular Books are billed at the rate of $45.00 per item. Juvenile Books are billed at the rate of $20.00 per item


Reserve Materials:

Overdue rates for hourly materials start to accumulate after the first hour of overdue. Hourly reserve materials are billed at the rate of $1.00 per hour. These charges will not be removed.


Overdue rates for daily materials start to accumulate after the first hour of overdue. Daily reserve materials are billed at the rate of $3.00 per day. These charges will not be removed


Video Equipment, Computer Equipment, Testing Kits:

Overdue rates for equipment and testing kits begin the hour they become overdue.  Rates for equipment and testing kits are billed at the rates of $25.00 per day. These charges will not be removed.


Computer Use and Access Policy

The staff of Spalding University Library believes that all people have the right to free and open access to information. In addition, the Library believes that strong minds, productive citizens, and a healthy democracy depend upon exposure and study of varying points of view and philosophies. Therefore, the Library will not sensor or place limits on the access to or use of either printed or electronic information other than those set forth by Spalding University, the Copyright Code of the United States, or any other federal, state or local law. The library does, however, reserve the right to evaluate, acquire, and de-select materials in accordance with the Collection Development and De-selection policies.

The use of computers at Spalding University Library shall be on a first-come, first-served basis. Certain computers may have time or priority of usage limits placed upon them. The library staff is responsible for monitoring computer usage and reserves the right to limit and/or curtail any usage deemed inappropriate.

All data created must be saved on a floppy disk. Any data saved on the hard drive is subject to deletion without notice. Any disk found to be infected with a virus shall be held until a member of the instructional technology staff has had an opportunity to evaluate it. The Library reserves the right to limit and/or curtail any printing deemed excessive.


Document Delivery Policy

General Policy: 

Because the Library at Spalding University cannot house all materials needed by the academic community, the Library provides a document delivery service for legitimate academic and research needs. The library will process all properly made requests in a timely fashion.


The library strives to provide materials at no cost whenever possible, but must pass along any borrowing/purchasing fees to the requestor. All requests must be made in the name of the person using the material.


Any borrower who holds returnable items 10 days into the overdue period will be assessed an overdue or, if necessary, a replacement charge. This charge consists of the overdue/replacement charge from the lending library plus a non- refundable $5.00 processing fee. Delinquent student borrowers will have their student account debited and faculty, staff or administrative borrowers will have their departmental account debited for the amount of the charge.


The library reserves the right to amend or except any portion of this policy dependent upon individual circumstance. The Library Director is the final arbiter in dispute situations. The Library complies with all sections of the Federal Code pertaining to libraries and copyright.


To ensure prompt service to all community members, the Library will follow certain guidelines when processing requests. They are enumerated below.


GUIDELINES: Who may use Document Delivery

● Any student properly enrolled at Spalding University 

● Any faculty (full-time, part-time, or adjunct), staff or administrator at Spalding

University, Presentation Academy or Holy Rosary Academy. 

● Alumni of Spalding University or its previous incorporations on a limited basis.


Types of documents not handled

● Reference materials 

● Audio-visual materials (audio-tapes, phonorecords, video-tapes, CDs) 

● Archival materials 

● Rare or special collection materials 

● Pleasure reading materials of the type commonly available at the public library

or bookstores.


Frequency of requests

● The Library will handle no more than 10 active requests from a single user at one time.


Charges for Document Delivery Services

● Charges for documents obtained from lending libraries are on an individual basis depending upon the policy of the lending library. Requestors will be notified prior to acquisition if the loan charge is more than indicated on the request from.

● Charges from materials obtained via a third-party provider vary. Prices may increase at anytime and without notice.


Payment for Document Delivery Services

● Charges for documents are due when the requestor picks up the material at the Library circulation desk. The items may be paid for by check or cash. The Library can not accommodate credit cards.

● If, in the case of faculty, staff, or administrative borrowers, the charges are to be billed back to a departmental account, the departmental code must be present on the original form. The Library assumes the faculty, staff or administrative borrower has prior approval for the appropriate supervisor.



Spalding University uses Moodle for its Learning Management System (LMS). Moodle is an open source software platform used at over 66,000 sites in more than 200 countries ( The name is an acronym – Modular Object-Oriented Dynamic Learning Environment. Moodle is a feature rich LMS with many resources available for supporting students and faculty. Students and faculty are automatically assigned to courses upon registration. The courses are linked on the Spalding Portal under the section Datatel My Classes. Please consult the following resources if you have questions about using Moodle.


● watch the Video, ―Welcome to Moodle,‖ on layout and navigation.—

● Clickable Tutorials — — where many mysteries are explained or demonstrated.

● Brochures Moodle FYI, Moodle Navigation, Moodle Mobile, Moodle Upload Your Assignments, Moodle Forums, Moodle Forums Pasting and Attaching, and Installing your Spalding App to access Moodle course

information for students. 

● On-the-Spot Help— Visit the Spalding University Library 

● Instructor‘s Walk-through Session—Ask your instructor for a tour of the class

site to see layout of resource and activity locations. There‘s no better guide to a particular course than the very person who has set it up with resources, activities, and topics!


Help for problems with Moodle, the portal, password resetting, using email, and Web Advisor— Visit the Help Desk Site: Or call: 1-886-604-5605 (on campus x2398


For more Moodle resources for faculty and students visit our page on the Spalding Portal

 – aa/moodlejoule/default.aspx.