Spalding University Library supports the mission of its parent institution. The library provides: 

  • ​library services to support the university's educational, social, and cultural programs; 
  • a collection that is effectively organized and administered; 
  • access to information and materials needed to support the curriculum, faculty research, and general interests of the university community wherever this information may be located; 
  • space for student and faculty research and for the library staff to work efficiently; 
  • a competent staff to serve the needs of its patrons; 
  • adequate fiscal resources to accomplish its mission. 

The Library shall reflect the highest standards of professional librarianship. 


The library at Spalding University considers the circulation transaction a contract between the library and the borrower.  It is the borrower’s responsibility to adhere to the terms of the circulation contract. The borrower will be verbally informed of the item’s due date as well as have it written on the date due slip in the back of the book.

For more information, please see our Access Services page.

Computer Useage

The use of computers at Spalding University Library shall be on a first-come, first-served basis. Certain computers may have priority of usage limits placed upon them. The library staff is responsible for monitoring computer usage and reserves the right to limit and/or curtail any usage deemed inappropriate. 

Metroversity students must provide their current institutional photo ID.  Spalding alumni should show Spalding alumni card or a letter from the university advancement office.

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