Compassionate Action Policies and Procedures | Spalding University Student Handbook

Compassionate Action Policies and Procedures

Spalding University recognizes students may need support and assistance beyond academic concerns and has established policies and procedures for compassionate action on behalf of students. The Dean of Students acts as a primary contact regarding compassionate action policies and calls upon a multi-disciplinary group of campus professionals to aid students experiencing coping challenges, difficult life situations, severe medical/mental health issues, crisis, or other factors that may impact their ability to successfully persist as members of the Spalding Learning Community. 

Compassionate action policies are used to assess and respond to students in situations where their behaviors either directly or indirectly threaten the safety of members of the campus community or where their circumstances may prevent them from persisting in their studies. 

The policies on compassionate action include: 

Conflict Management 

Behavioral Intervention 

Emergency Financial Assistance 

Medical Leave 

Threat Assessment 

Response to Sexual Assault 

The Dean of Students will call upon members of relevant departments and programs to assist in the assessment and response to issues requiring compassionate action. The following are campus professionals frequently consulted or brought in an ad hoc team by the Dean of Students in the application of compassionate action. 

Director of Counseling and Psychological Services

Director of Campus Safety 

Director of Residence Life and Community Standards 

Director of Academic Advising and Student Success 

Director of Accessibility and Learning Equity 

All referrals or requests for compassionate action will be reviewed by the Dean of Students who will apply the relevant policy and procedure, assign the request/referral to a designee or convene a team to address the issue and apply relevant policies and procedures. 

Other members of the campus community may be consulted or brought into an ad hoc team as deemed necessary by the Dean of Students.