University Posting Guidelines | Spalding University Student Handbook

University Posting Guidelines

The publicizing of events or programs is a necessary part of ensuring the success of functions. The University has designated areas in all buildings for the purpose of providing a place for groups and organizations to post these notices.

  • Postings in the Residence Halls are approved by the Residence Hall Coordinator.
  • Departmental bulletin boards are the responsibility of those University departments. Permission to post on these boards is granted by those individual departments.  Classroom bulletin boards are to be monitored and maintained by the appropriate faculty, deans, and provosts of those individual classrooms.
  • Publicity materials for RSO events will not be approved until your event is registered and approved on the portal.
  • All postings will expire within one month unless special permission is granted by the Director of Residence Life or Director of Student Leadership.
  • All postings are to be placed on bulletin boards with pushpins.  Postings made with tape or staples will be removed and discarded.
  • No postings can be made on doors, glass, walls or windows without special permission from the Director of Student Leadership.
  • Flyers or notices may not be placed on vehicles parked on campus.
  • All posters must be in good taste. This includes no obscenities, inappropriate wording, no references to drugs and/or alcohol, no inappropriate pictures, etc.
  • Advertising which explicitly or implicitly suggests or indicates alcohol will be available at an event is prohibited.
  • Postings cannot include any form of hate speech.
  • All notices and signs must clearly state the official name of the sponsoring organization.
  • Only one of each poster or flyer per bulletin board is allowed, and postings are not to be hung over other postings.
  • If you wish to advertise an event via email, send an email to by the Friday before the event and it will be included in the weekly Campus Activities email. Fliers should be submitted in jpeg or png format. Campus Activities emails are sent on Mondays.
  • Chalk writing/drawing is not permitted.
  • Any postings in violation of these rules will be taken down and discarded.  Repeated violations may include disciplinary action.

Items to note about posting:

  • The RSO is responsible for making up to 40 copies of any flyer that it wishes to post. RSOs can use the SDCL printer/copier to make these copies.
  • Hang flyers neatly with pins – NO STAPLES.  If there are no available pins on the board, please alert SDCL of the need for additional pins.
  • Please post flyers to ALL of the approved boards – everyone on campus wants to know what’s going on around campus.

Approved Student Affairs Boards


  • Bookstore window (ask permission)
  • Left wall next to Pod (plastic sleeve)
  • Below T.V. in Pod
  • Wall next to cashier station
  • Not on tables in Pod

University Center

  • 1st staircase bulletin board
  • Enclosed bulletin board across from offices downstairs
  • 2nd staircase bulletin board

Mansion West

  • Plastic sleeve on wall to right of the side entrance top of stairwell
  • Board downstairs to left of the side entrance bottom of stairwell
  • Lower level board next to LRC
  • Plastic sleeve next to elevator on first floor
  • 2nd floor next to the School of Liberal Studies Office
  • 3rd floor next to Father McDaniel towards the end of Mansion West
  • 3rd floor by women’s restroom and next to grand staircase

Mansion East

  • Bulletin in entrance to the left
  • 2nd floor outside of the staircase in hallway
  • 2nd floor in student lounge


  • 1st floor on cafe tables, do not put on walls
  • 3rd floor glass enclosed shelf by Math lab
  • 2nd floor on tables
  • 2nd floor Bulletin board left on stairwell

Teilhard Hall

  • 1st floor under “Happenings”
  • Plastic sleeve next to stairwell
  • Basement- blue bulletin

849 Building

  • Student lounge only

Third Street Academic Center

  • 1st floor bulletin by the elevator
  • Lounge

Kosair College of Health & Natural Sciences Building

  • Plastic sleeve in lounge
  • Desk in entrance-way
  • No walls


  • 1st floor lounge
  • 2nd floor common area

Spalding Suites

  • What’s New At SU by front door

Morrison Hall

  • What’s New At SU by front door