Rights and Responsibilities of a Resident | Spalding University Student Handbook

Rights and Responsibilities of a Resident

Rights of a Resident

  • The right to access one’s room and facilities at all times.
  • The right to physical safety in one’s living space.
  • The right to live free from abuse.
  • The right to a clean living space.
  • The right to sleep during the night undisturbedl
  • The right to privacy.
  • The right to study in one’s room free of noise and distractions
  • The right to have one’s belongings respected by others.
  • The right to be listened to and to be heard. 

Responsibilities of a Resident

  • To respect oneself, others, staff, community, and property.
  • To respect the rights listed above of every community member.
  • To understand and abide by University and residence hall policies and procedures.
  • To be open and responsive to reasonable requests of community members.
  • To be open, responsive, and cooperative with Residence Life staff members.

Spalding Pledge

A commitment to living compassionately is critical to the mission of Spalding University. As we navigate life in a global pandemic, we are calling upon each member of our community to live out that compassion and contribute to a community of care so we can do our part to help meet the needs of our times. Just as our mission gives us a common language and a shared commitment to do better, so shall this Spalding Promise. The goal of the Spalding Promise is to remind each of us how interconnected we are, how our actions affect others, and how our choices can save lives. As we adapt to life during a global pandemic, the Spalding community is depending on you to make sacrifices for the greater good of all in our campus community.

A safe return to campus requires us to trust that we, faculty, staff, and students, are each doing our part by committing to abide by the University’s health and safety standards. Spalding’s health and safety standards are intended to guide the measures community members are expected to abide by to minimize the incidence and spread of COVID-19 on campus. Departments within the University may provide additional guidelines consistent with these standards. The Spalding Promise and the health and safety standards are living guidelines meant to be responsive to the current needs; they will be revised as we learn more about the behavior of the virus, as best practices change, and as interventions and therapies become available. Any changes will be shared with the community, and each community member is expected to comply with adaptations to procedures.

Before arriving on campus this academic year, everyone will be required to execute and abide by the Spalding Promise.
I agree to the following:

Care for Spalding Community

Treat students, faculty, and staff with the dignity and respect every person deserves and do not promote, participate in, or allow bias to impede the well-being, access, and opportunity of others in my community.

  • Do what I can to support others with patience and understanding.
  • Support the well-being of the community by gently reminding others of their adherence to The Promise. I understand that some members of my community may be exempt from some of the guidelines due to personal health and I will treat them with respect and do my part to protect them.
  • Monitor my temperature and participate in the University’s daily health screening measures, such as the CampusClear app, to determine whether it is appropriate for me to be moving about campus or to come to work. If I have a change in my health status, I will follow the reporting protocol requirements and provide accurate and complete information.
  • Complete and comply with all required COVID-19-related online training modules.
  • Stay home or in my residence hall room if I am experiencing COVID-19 symptoms or know that I have been exposed to someone who has tested positive for COVID-19. I will follow the University’s protocols for isolation or quarantine.
  • Support my overall wellness by cleaning and disinfecting the personal and University spaces I use.
  • Take daily precautions to keep space between myself and others (6 feet of physical distancing, which is about two arm lengths).
  • Adhere to the guidelines for the use of spaces on campus.
  • Abide by all posted signage throughout the University campus.
  • Stay home if I feel ill or after exposure to someone who is ill or has tested positive for COVID-19.
  • Practice proper hand washing with soap and water for 20 seconds, or use alcohol-based hand sanitizer when soap and water are unavailable, as well as proper respiratory etiquette (e.g., cover my cough or sneeze with my elbow or using a disposable tissue and discard it appropriately).
  • Avoid crowded places and avoid mass gatherings on and off campus. I will practice physical distancing when meeting in smaller groups and will wear my face covering.
  • Comply with the non-essential travel restrictions. Spalding-sponsored travel is not authorized until further notice.
  • Follow the University’s rules and, when allowed, ensure that any guest I bring to campus is aware of and complies with the standards of being on campus including completing the health assessment.
  • Seriously consider getting vaccinated for the flu and COVID-19 once available.
Care for Others

I understand that failure to comply with the requirements outlined in the Spalding Promise may result in disciplinary action or denial of entry into Spalding University’s campus.