Rights and Responsibilities of a Resident | Spalding University Student Handbook

Rights and Responsibilities of a Resident

Rights of a Resident

  • The right to access one’s room and facilities at all times.
  • The right to physical safety in one’s living space.
  • The right to live free from abuse.
  • The right to a clean living space.
  • The right to sleep during the night undisturbedl
  • The right to privacy.
  • The right to study in one’s room free of noise and distractions
  • The right to have one’s belongings respected by others.
  • The right to be listened to and to be heard. 

Responsibilities of a Resident

  • To respect oneself, others, staff, community, and property.
  • To respect the rights listed above of every community member.
  • To understand and abide by University and residence hall policies and procedures.
  • To be open and responsive to reasonable requests of community members.
  • To be open, responsive, and cooperative with Residence Life staff members.