Campus Alerts | Spalding University Student Handbook

Campus Alerts

To help prevent crimes or serious incidents, Campus Safety, in conjunction with other departments on campus, issues Campus Safety Alerts in a timely manner to notify community members about certain crimes in and around our community. Members of the community who know of a crime or other serious incident should report that incident as soon as possible to Campus Safety so that a Campus Safety Alert can be issued, if warranted. 

If community members report crimes or serious incidents to other University administrators, those administrators will notify Campus Safety. Representatives of these offices will promptly notify and collaborate with Campus Safety to issue a Campus Safety Alert, if one is appropriate. 

Distribution of Campus Safety Alerts 

The department distributes Campus Safety Alerts in various ways. Once the University determines that an alert will be issued, the Campus Safety Director, Marketing Department, or Dean of Students e-mails the announcement.  A text alert may be initiated as well as posting the information on various social networking sites. Campus Safety may also post alerts on bulletin boards throughout campus.