Incivility, Hate Speech and Bullying | Spalding University Student Handbook

Incivility, Hate Speech and Bullying

This policy prohibits Incivility, Hate Speech and Bullying which can include verbally abusive or harassing behavior, the use of pejorative terms, phrases or names for groups used in a way that is clearly intended to insult or defame individuals from that group and/or create a hostile environment. Incivility, Hate Speech and Bullying undermine a victim’s ability to engage in learning, participate in the activities of the University or participate in his or her regular life activities.

Specific Conduct Prohibited by this Section Includes but is Not Limited to:

Deliberate or reckless use of uncivil or hate speech on campus or directed at other members of the Spalding community.

Deliberate or reckless bullying of individuals or groups who are part of the University.

Intentionally and substantially interfering with the freedom of expression of others.

Deliberate constraint, detainment or incapacitation of another, without that person's explicit knowledge or consent.

Intentionally or recklessly stalking another person.

Engaging in harassment.