Residence Life Mission Statement | Spalding University Student Handbook

Residence Life Mission Statement


The Residence Life Handbook provides a one-stop shop detailing our policy, procedures, and frequently asked questions concerning campus living.  Questions for which you do not find answers should be directed to your RA or Residence Life staff. 

Mission Statement

We represent Spalding’s campus housing authority.  We connect students to a home away from home which fosters each student’s holistic development and builds a diverse community of residential learners who embrace Spalding’s mission.

Guiding Principle

Compassion and high standards to all.

  • Compassion.  We recognize each other’s struggles and share that suffering toward resolution.  We treat each other with kindness and dignity.  This manifests in radical generosity and this demonstrates our behavior among each other.  
  • High standards.  We hold an uncompromising standard of excellence.  We do our part ensuring our mission and vision succeeds.  We place team goals first, shoulder our share of the task to meet the objective, and tolerate adversity and uncertainty in order to produce A-grade work.  Interweaving compassion and high standards together allows us to flourish.