Missing Student Notification | Spalding University Student Handbook

Missing Student Notification

This section applies to students residing in any university housing.  

  1. Students, employees, or other individuals should report that a student has been missing for 24 hours to Campus Safety or to the appropriate Residence Life staff member (i.e., Residence Life Coordinator or Resident Assistant). Any official missing student report will be referred to the Dean of Students.  
  1. Each student is asked to identify an emergency contact person at the time of application.  If the Dean of Students is informed that a student may be missing and cannot make contact with the student within 24 hours then he/she will contact the listed emergency contact for that student to either 

a.) Determine the student’s whereabouts or 

b.) Inform the emergency contact that the student is missing.  

c.) Contact information will be kept and maintained confidentially. It will be accessible only to authorized campus personnel, and it may not be disclosed, except to law enforcement personnel in furtherance of a missing person investigation. 

 If a student under 18 is reported to the Dean of Students to be missing, the University must notify a custodial parent or guardian, in addition to any contact person designated by the student, within 24 hours.  Whether or not a student names a contact person, the University will notify the appropriate local law enforcement agency that the student is missing within 24 hours.