Special Hearing Board Procedures | Spalding University Student Handbook

Special Hearing Board Procedures

When reported incidents allegedly violate polices prohibiting sexual misconduct, domestic violence, dating violence or stalking and cannot be resolved through the Developmental Conduct Meeting then they may be referred to the Special Hearing Board. Whenever a hearing is to be held regarding sexual misconduct, domestic/dating violence or stalking the accused student and the person reporting the alleged misconduct ("complainant"), if any, will be given five (5) days written notice of the charges alleged against the accused student and of the date, time and place of the hearing. In the case that the person reporting the alleged misconduct is not serving as the complainant, then a university official will serve as the complainant.

A designated member of the Special Review Board will serve as the Hearing Official and preside over the hearing. The hearing shall be informal; strict rules of evidence will not apply. The hearing will be closed to everyone except the hearing official(s), appropriate Dean of Students Office staff, the accused student, the complainant, advisors to the accused student and the complainant, and witnesses during the actual time of their participation. Concerns for personal safety, well-being and or fears of confrontation of the complainant, accused student, and/or other witness during the hearing may be accommodated by providing a visual screen; by permitting participation by phone, videophone; or, by other means where and as determined in the sole judgment of the Hearing Official. All procedural questions are subject to the final decision of the Hearing Official.