Sexual Misconduct, Harassment and Assault | Spalding University Student Handbook

Sexual Misconduct, Harassment and Assault

Sexual misconduct refers to any non-consensual conduct of a sexual nature, encompassing a broad range of behavior from verbal harassment to sexual assault. It may include, but is not limited to, inappropriate or overtly suggestive remarks which would be inclined to cause offense to a reasonable person, non-consensual touching of intimate body parts, non-consensual touching of the clothing covering intimate body parts, photographing others in a sexually suggestive manner.

Use of alcohol or drugs shall not diminish one‘s responsibility to obtain consent.

Specific Conduct Prohibited by this Section Includes but is Not Limited to:

Engaging in sexually abusive contact.

Engaging in sexual harassment.

Engaging in sexual exploitation.

Transmitting, recording or photographing the image or voice of another person without that person’s knowledge or consent. This policy includes recording/photographing while in an environment that is considered private or where there is an expectation of privacy, such as a locker room, residence or bathroom.

Deliberate constraint, detainment or incapacitation of another, without that person's explicit knowledge or consent.

Intentionally or recklessly stalking another person.