Alma Mater | Spalding University Student Handbook

Alma Mater

FIRST VERSE Loyalty to Nazareth College we proclaim, Proudly on our standard gleams her gracious name. Though we leave her portals dear, Danger need we never fear; On our souls with might She’s set the arms of right.  

CHORUS Unsheathe the sword of honor. From scabbard pure and bright; Wield it with noble courage, For Nazareth College bids us Strike for Faith and Knowledge Till the day be done And the cause of right is won. Oh, we’ll be true to you, our Alma Mater! Bless us, your loyal cohorts, Our grateful love to you we plight.  

SECOND VERSE Friendship’s legion time has formed in Nazareth’s halls, Consecrated here within sequestered walls, Pledged to fight for Christ the King When we hear His bugles ring, Alma Mater, we’ll uphold Your white and gold.