Section I. Administrative Issues | Spalding University Student Handbook

Section I. Administrative Issues

This category includes any campus matters involving administrative decisions regarding student records, financial affairs, library usage, campus privileges, athletics, etc.

Complaint Procedure
Should a complaint/grievance arise, the following steps should be taken:

  1. The student shall prepare a written complaint to the individual/office involved and, within 5 days following submission of the complaint, shall meet with a representative(s) from the office involved to discuss the complaint. Complaints must be submitted within 90 days of the event or action that gave rise to the complaint.
  2. If no resolution is reached during the meeting required by step 1, the student shall prepare a written report of the issue and the meeting, and the office involved shall prepare a written response. The written complaint and subsequent reponse(s) will be submitted to the Dean or Director of the office involved within 5 business days following the meeting required by step 1.
  3. The Dean or Director overseeing the office involved shall make a decision within 5 business days following receipt of the signed statement and response, and shall notify in writing the student and the office involved thereof. That decision is final.