City and State Laws Pertaining to Alcohol

The following information and guidelines apply to all Spalding University students, friends, and guests attending events sponsored by the University. They have been established to provide for the growth of the individuals as persons and to provide for the preservation and enhancement of the environment and com- munities within which this growth occurs. Those who engage in substance abuse may be referred to appropriate internal and external assistance programs.

The University provides counseling and referral services to students through the Counseling Center.

State and City Laws pertaining to Alcohol Members of the University community are expected to be aware of and obey state and municipal laws or ordinances regulating the use, possession or sale of alcoholic beverages. Alcohol concentration of or above 0.08 is the definition of intoxication in the State of Kentucky. Students who are cited for violations of such laws or ordinances by state or municipal authorities also may face University disciplinary proceedings and/or be required to pursue counseling or treatment as a condition of continued enrollment at the University.

The laws of the Commonwealth of Kentucky are applicable to every person on the Spalding University campus, regardless of his or her state or country of origin.

The following are important Kentucky and City of Louisville laws or ordinances:

1. It is illegal for any person under twenty-one (21) years of age to attempt to purchase, consume, possess or transport any alcoholic beverages.

2. It is illegal for any person under twenty-one (21) years of age to knowingly and falsely present himself or herself to be twenty-one (21) years of age for the purpose of procuring any intoxicating beverage.

3. It is illegal for any person to represent to a dealer or any other person that a minor is over twenty-one (21) years of age for the purpose of inducing the dealer or other person to serve alcoholic beverages to that minor.

4. It is illegal for any person to request anyone over twenty- one (21) years of age to purchase or offer to purchase any alcoholic beverage from a licensed dealer for a minor.

5. It is illegal for any person to sell, furnish or give away any alcoholic beverage to a person under twenty-one (21) years of age or to any person who is visibly intoxicated.

6. It is illegal to operate or control a motor vehicle while under the influence of alcohol.

7. It is illegal for any person, whether or not a minor, to sell alcoholic beverages without a license.

8. It is illegal for any person to induce anyone under twenty-one (21) years of age to commit any of the above criminal acts. A City of Louisville ordinance prohibits the consumption of alcoholic beverages and the possession of open containers of alcoholic beverages in public streets, sidewalks, highways, buildings, lanes, parking lots, recreation or park areas or other public property within the City of Louisville.

The penalties for violating the above laws and ordinance are severe. Moreover, individuals may face severe financial consequences from a civil lawsuit arising out of the use or misuse of alcohol.