Recognized Student Organizatons (RSOs) | Spalding University Student Handbook

Recognized Student Organizatons (RSOs)

All Recognized Student Organizations (RSOs) are reviewed and approved by the Student Government Association. The Student Affairs  team believes that students are creative, resourceful, and whole; organizing allows them to maximize the strengths and gifts they have to make the entire campus and community thrive.

Student Government Association

The Student Government Association is the official executive and legislative body for student discussion, decision, and action. It is composed of student representatives elected on both an academic and class-standing basis. The Student Government Association is the primary channel for the development and review of residential and social policies, as well as for students to voice needs and concerns related to academic issues. A major duty of the SGA is to allocate funds to student organizations to support their contributions to campus life.

For an updated list of RSOs, email:

For the RSO handbook, contact the Director of Student Engagement.