Career Development

Career Development

Egan Leadership Center, Suite 200



Spalding University‚Äôs Career Development is dedicated to helping both SU student and alumni in their career development. Our one-on-one approach ensures that we meet your particular needs as you make your way to earning a degree and securing employment.  From feeling confident about the major you selected to exploring other degree options, Career Development will help you assess your skills, values and interests to help inform your decision. We are also here to help with resume development, portfolio creation, and interview strategies.


Career Development staff are available to meet students individually, provide mock interviews, or review materials over email.  In addition, students have access to College Central Network (CCN), a free career site that provides templates, videos, and tips on career development. Local and national employers are connected to Spalding students via CCN, and students can see what internships and jobs opportunities are available.


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