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Career Development

Career development supports the Spalding University mission by giving students the tools they need to be prepared for their careers, for community service and to demonstrate leadership in any role they take on. Through one-on-one coaching, assessments, workshops and connecting students with professionals in their chosen career fields, students start their career journey as soon as their first session on campus. During one-on-one coaching we assist students and alumni with their job search, resumes and interview skills so they will feel confident when applying for a job. In our workshops, we discuss the additional skills you need to be successful and bring in knowledgeable professionals to discuss what students can do beyond the classroom to prepare for their careers. Every month we bring professionals on campus to connect with students through recruiting events, mentorship, or presentations on relevant topics. Our goal is to help every student on their journey to sucess!  

Career development is a lifelong process of learning, growing, and developing skills to advance your career. This is a journey that will take you from your first year of college, through many job changes, and training along the way. Spalding University's Career Development Center is here to assist you along your career path starting with career planning, all the way to graduation and beyond. Ask about our career assessment YouScience to explore majors and career paths related to your aptitudes and interests to get started on your academic and career path!  

The Career Development Center can help you choose a college major, develop career plans, prepare for a job search and interview, finding on– and off-campus part-time jobs, and identify internships and full-time career positions.  

Your campus resource for career exploration or planning is: 

Deb Whistler, Director of Design Thinking and Social Innovation