Marketing/Recruiting | Spalding University Student Handbook


Student Involvement Fair

The Student Involvement Fair provides RSOs with the opportunity to welcome new students to campus as part of a free, large campus event.  Each RSO will be given at least half a table from which to connect with students.  The Student Involvement Fair generally takes place within the first few weeks of the new academic year so be prepared to receive information on how to register during the summer break. 

Campus Activities Email

  • The Campus Activities email will be sent out each week, on Monday during the academic year. Exceptions include University closings for holidays, inclement weather, etc.
  • All submissions to the Campus Activities email are subject to University Posting Guidelines
  • To submit an article to the Campus Activities email:
  • Send all announcements to by the Friday before you would like an announcement submitted in the Campus Activities email.
  • Flyers should be attached as jpegs or png (picture) format
  • Articles will run for no longer than three weeks unless otherwise given permission from the Director of Student Leadership
  • Announcements must be 150 words or less
  • All announcements will be reformatted by the Campus Activities email staff and edited if they are over 150 words.

Printing Flyers

  • You can print flyers at the SDCL office for free or email for printing.
  • For bulk printing or color copying, binding, laminating, and special printing please send your print job to the Fusion Center
  • The Fusion Center is located in Mansion 014 and can be contacted at (502) 873-4376
  • All printed items (flyers, tickets, brochures, etc.) should be printed in the print shop on campus. If the Fusion Center cannot meet your needs (ex. lamination), please contact the SDCL staff, and we will assist you in obtaining permission to use an outside vendor.
  • No reimbursements will be given for any printing made at an outside location unless you have been granted permission from the Director of Student Leadership.
  • It is expected that you submit your job 2 weeks ahead of time.

University Posting Guidelines

The publicizing of events or programs is a necessary part of ensuring the success of functions. The University has designated areas in all buildings for the purpose of providing a place for groups and organizations to post these notices.

  • Postings in the Residence Halls are approved by the Housing Program Assistant.
  • Departmental bulletin boards are the responsibility of those University departments. Permission to post on these boards is granted by those individual departments.  Classroom bulletin boards are to be monitored and maintained by the appropriate faculty, deans, and provosts of those individual classrooms.
  • All posters and signs, outside of the areas above, must be approved by Student Development and Campus Life.  All approved postings will be stamped with an expiration date.  All flyers posted without stamped approval will be removed and discarded. 
  • Publicity materials for RSO events will not be approved until your event is registered and approved on the portal.
  • All postings will expire within one month unless special permission is granted by the Director of Residence Life or Director of Student Leadership.
  • All postings are to be placed on bulletin boards with pushpins.  Postings made with tape or staples will be removed and discarded.
  • No postings can be made on doors, glass, walls or windows without special permission from the Director of Student Leadership.
  • Flyers or notices may not be placed on vehicles parked on campus.
  • All posters must be in good taste. This includes no obscenities, inappropriate wording, no references to drugs and/or alcohol, no inappropriate pictures, etc.
  • Advertising which explicitly or implicitly suggests or indicates alcohol will be available at an event is prohibited.
  • Postings cannot include any form of hate speech.
  • All notices and signs must clearly state the official name of the sponsoring organization.
  • Only one of each poster or flyer per bulletin board is allowed, and postings are not to be hung over other postings.
  • If you wish to advertise an event via email, send an email to by the Friday before the event and it will be included in the weekly Campus Activities email. Fliers should be submitted in jpeg or png format. Campus Activities emails are sent on Mondays.
  • Chalk writing/drawing is not permitted.
  • Any postings in violation of these rules will be taken down and discarded.  Repeated violations may include disciplinary action.

Items to note about posting:

  • The RSO is responsible for making up to 40 copies of any flyer that it wishes to post. RSOs can use the SDCL printer/copier to make these copies.
  • All copies should be brought to the SDCL office to be approved and stamped.  You should allow at least 2 days for this process.
  • Once the flyers have been approved and stamped, the RSO can hang them on the approved Student Affairs boards around campus.
  • Hang flyers neatly with pins – NO STAPLES.  If there are no available pins on the board, please alert SDCL of the need for additional pins.
  • Please post flyers to ALL of the approved boards – everyone on campus wants to know what’s going on around campus.

Approved Student Affair Boards


  • Bookstore window (ask permission)
  • Left wall next to Pod (plastic sleeve)
  • Below T.V. in Pod
  • Wall next to cashier station
  • Not on tables in Pod

University Center

  • 1st staircase bulletin board
  • Enclosed bulletin board across from offices downstairs
  • 2nd staircase bulletin board

Mansion West

  • Plastic sleeve on wall to right of the side entrance top of stairwell
  • Board downstairs to left of the side entrance bottom of stairwell
  • Lower level board next to LRC
  • Plastic sleeve next to elevator on first floor
  • 2nd floor next to the School of Liberal Studies Office
  • 3rd floor next to Father McDaniel towards the end of Mansion West
  • 3rd floor by women’s restroom and next to grand staircase

Mansion East

  • Bulletin in entrance to the left
  • 2nd floor outside of the staircase in hallway
  • 2nd floor in student lounge


  • 1st floor on cafe tables, do not put on walls
  • 3rd floor glass enclosed shelf by Math lab
  • 2nd floor on tables
  • 2nd floor Bulletin board left on stairwell

Teilhard Hall

  • 1st floor under “Happenings”
  • Plastic sleeve next to stairwell
  • Basement- blue bulletin

849 Building

  • Student lounge only

Third Street Academic Center

  • 1st floor bulletin by the elevator
  • Lounge

Kosair College of Health & Natural Sciences Building

  • Plastic sleeve in lounge
  • Desk in entrance-way
  • No walls


  • 1st floor lounge
  • 2nd floor common area

Spalding Suites

  • What’s New At SU by front door

Morrison Hall

  • What’s New At SU by front door

Spalding’s Solicitation Policy

  • See Student Handbook.
  • All canvassing and soliciting on campus must have prior approval from the Dean of Students.
  • Advertisement or solicitation materials related to political party affiliation are prohibited on campus.
  • Flyers or notices may not be placed on vehicles parked on campus.
  • The Director of Student Leadership may authorize subscriptions, memberships and sales by Recognized Student Organizations and campaigns for charitable purposes at such times and in such a manner as not to interfere with University business and functions.

Social Media

Marketing through Spalding Social Media

If an RSO wants social media promotion for an event they must email basic information about the event to

Social Media Accounts

Thank you for representing your organization and the University via social media.  We appreciate your efforts and look forward to collaborating with you as we work towards implementing a social media strategy.  In order to effectively execute this plan, there are several expectations and guidelines that all social media sites affiliated with Spalding University must follow.


The rapid growth and ease of use of social media technologies have made them attractive channels of communication. Social media can be a very effective way to communicate, promote, and brand Spalding University to multiple audiences across and outside of the University. However, social media can pose risks to the University’s confidential and proprietary information and can compromise compliance with rules, regulations and laws. This document is intended to help guide University affiliates in the use of social media for official University communications. These guidelines are not intended to apply to Internet and/or social media sites that have been created and are maintained by faculty and staff on their own time and without use of Spalding University technology or resources. However, many of the guidelines outlined in this policy would be good “best practices” for any social media interaction.

Things to Consider Before Engaging in Social Media

Creating a successful social media page requires careful planning and resource allocation. Before you begin to use social media on behalf of Spalding University, please remember the following:

Form a strategy- Identify a purpose, who you want to reach (audience), types of content you intend to share, and overarching goals.

Set your goals

What are you trying to achieve? What are you trying to communicate? Are you promoting a Spalding group/department/program? Are you connecting with alumni; creating a community of fans; or, increasing overall awareness and recognition of Spalding University? Common social media goals include: increased traffic to website, reputation management, recruitment, and brand awareness.

Keep in mind other Spalding University policies

This document does not affect other University policies that might apply to use of social media including, but not limited to the Harassment policy, Acceptable Use policy, Workplace Violence policy and the Information Technology Privacy Statement. If your use of social media would violate any of the University’s policies in another forum, it will also violate them in an online forum.

Get necessary approval

Before starting a social media site for your RSO, make sure you notify your advisor and the Director of Student Leadership. Additionally, you must notify the Department of Marketing & Public Relations when you plan to establish a social media presence. The Department of Marketing & Public Relations will follow your social media site to ensure consistency is achieved, this may include continuing education on best practices and agreeing to adhere to best practices. Only Spalding University student officers may be a “content owner” or “administrator” for University affiliated social media websites. This is to ensure that all institutional social media sites coordinate with other Spalding University sites and content.

Plan for having at least THREE administrators for every social media site INCLUDING the Department of Information Technology

Having multiple content owners or administrators at all times for every social media application will ensure that the application can continue to thrive and be updated regularly even if one/both of the existing administrators is/are absent from the University for an extended period of time (i.e. vacation, medical leave, etc.), leaves the organization or leaves the University. Any deviations from this policy will be handled on a case-by-case basis by the Department of Marketing & Public Relations.

Prepare for the necessary time commitment

A social media site will only be effective if the administrators take the necessary time to develop appropriate content and build relationships with the online community. While regular and timely updates and discussions are key to building your community, please also keep in mind that you don’t want to overload your audiences with too much information.

Make it easy for people to find your site

To maximize exposure and participation with your social media site, you will want to make it as easy as possible for people to find it when searching online. Thus:

#SpaldingU is our umbrella hashtag

#SpaldingServes is our umbrella hashtag for service

Try to avoid only using acronyms when naming your site, and utilize “Spalding University” or an appropriate derivative as approved by the Department of Marketing & Public Relations.

Use of Spalding University logos

If you are creating a social media site on behalf of Spalding University, official logos and graphics that represent and adhere to established usage guidelines must be used. The Department of Marketing & Public Relations can provide guidance regarding graphics and design for your social media site. Do not use official logos, trademarks or any other University images on personal social media accounts. Do not use Spalding University’s name to promote a product, cause or political party or candidate.

Posting on behalf of Spalding University

Sharing Spalding University news, events or promoting faculty, staff and student work through social media is an effective and low-cost way to engage various audiences of the University. In addition to the general guidelines discussed above, RSOs creating or posting on social media sites on behalf of Spalding University should remember:

Be accurate

Make sure you have all the facts before you post. Do Not Assume; research, data reporting and analysis made public on the Web should be verified for accuracy. Cite and link to your sources whenever possible. That is how you build the trust of your community. It also is wise to spell-check content before posting. If you make an error, correct it quickly and visibly. This will earn you respect in the online community.

Realize your posts are public

If you have any questions about the appropriateness of the material you are posting to a University social media site, please check with your advisor and the marketing department.                  

Adhere to copyright and fair use law

When posting, be aware of the copyright and intellectual property rights of others and the University. Always cite sources and references and, whenever possible, link back to them. If in doubt, please refer to the Copyright section of the University Handbook or General Counsel.

Keep confidential matters private

Do not post proprietary information about Spalding University, including information about students, alumni or employees. Remember that most records related to students are protected from disclosure under the federal law known as the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA), as well as the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). Disclosing any personally identifiable student records through social media sites is a violation of FERPA or HIPAA.

Be transparent

It should be obvious that you are a student at Spalding University if you are posting as part of your organization. If you are posting as a representative of Spalding University, your posts are viewed as representing the views of Spalding University, so make sure to post responsibly and with respect to others in your community. Your posts directly reflect on the University.

Responding to negative comments

When you find yourself disagreeing with others, keep your comments appropriate and polite. If you find yourself in a position where the communication becomes antagonistic, avoid being defensive. Please be respectful of other people’s opinions. If you have a concern about a student, former student, alumni or colleagues response online, report it to your advisor, the Director of Student Leadership or Dean of Students. Having thoughtful discussions on important topics is a great way to build awareness of Spalding in the community and to engage supporters, and it is a very important aspect of having a successful social media site. If comments are lewd, libelous, incite violence or are otherwise hurtful or hateful speech directed at either individuals or groups, Spalding University students who serve as account administrators reserve the right to delete such comments.

Don’t be afraid to ask for help

If you receive a question you cannot answer or if you see incorrect information about Spalding University, contact the Department of Marketing & Public Relations. If you have a technical issue with respect to your site, contact the IT Department.


Non-compliance with this policy may result in any or all of the following:

  1. Limitation or revocation of individual or departmental rights to use or participate in University-related social media;
  2. Removal of posts or social media accounts; or,
  3. Corrective or disciplinary actions or sanctions, as defined in the University Handbook.

Spalding University social media disclaimer

NOTE: The following disclaimer should be placed on all Spalding University social media sites.

Spalding University encourages interaction among users on our social media sites but is not responsible for content published by external users on any official University websites, pages, or affiliates. Due to the public nature of these pages being utilized for public comment by other users, the views expressed by guest posters may or may not reflect that of the University or original author and the university is not liable for such content.

Spalding University reserves the right, but is not obligated, to remove comments or posts that: are racist, sexist, abusive, profane, violent, obscene or otherwise considered to be “spam”; that advocate illegal activity, include falsehoods, contain commercial solicitations, are wildly off-topic, or cannot be translated to English using free online tools; that libel, incite, threaten or make ad hominem attacks on Spalding University students, employees, guests or others. Spalding University also reserves the right to remove comments or posts that are deemed negative or offensive by the page’s administrators. Violators may be banned from the page.

Personal social media disclaimer

Keep personal and professional accounts as separate as possible and label them respectively. What is appropriate for one account may not be for the other and judgment should be used when determining where posts belong. Personal views and beliefs, for example, do not belong on a University-sponsored account. A personal social media presence of an employee of Spalding University should state that the views are those of the employee and do not reflect those of the University.

Social Media Processes and Procedures

Interested in creating a Spalding University social media account for your organization?

  1. Contact Amanda Lucas, Director of Social Media and Digital Recruiting, or (502) 873-4394
  2. Meet with a member of the Marketing and Public Relations department to discuss goals and to create a strategy that will help your organization reach social media objectives.


Already have a Spalding University social media account?

  1. At least one administrator from your organization must attend social media trainings and discussions. These events will take place during session breaks.
  2. Follow other Spalding University accounts to stay up to date and to share content from other pages when appropriate.
  3. When using Twitter and Instagram, use the following hashtags:



  1. Tag the main University accounts in your post.
  2. Use official Spalding University logos and graphics to represent your social media sites. The Marketing and Public Relations department can provide guidance in regards to graphics and design of your sites.

                        Facebook @SpaldingUniversity

                        Twitter @SpaldingU

                        Instagram @spaldinguniversity

  1. Keep your pages active.

  • Facebook: Minimum of 2 posts per week (This includes posts or sharing a post)
  • Twitter: Minimum of 2-4 posts per week (This includes posts and retweets)
  • Instagram: Minimum of 2 posts per month

  1. Be consistent and be engaging.
  2. If you change the password to any social media site, please report that change to the Marketing and Public Relations Department. Marketing and IT must have access to all Spalding affiliated social media accounts.
  3. All social media administrators will receive an invitation to meet with Marketing and Public Relations in the fall. During that meeting, any changes to the Social Media Policy will be addressed and all paperwork must be turned in. 

Interested in closing your Spalding University social media account?

  1. Fill out the Social Media Account Shutdown Process form.
  2. Post the “Spalding University Site Shutdown” image two weeks prior to shutting down your site. (Marketing will provide you with the image) 

Questions? Please contact Amanda Lucas, Director of Social Media and Digital Recruiting, or (502) 873-4394