Campus Calendar & Room Reservation Request | Spalding University Student Handbook

Campus Calendar & Room Reservation Request

Where is it?

You can find the calendar on the Portal at on the left-hand side of the page.  Be sure to integrate the Campus Calendar with the calendar system you currently use to make it easy to access.  You can do this by selecting the Calendar tab and then click  to link it to your Outlook. It will show up as Student Development and Campus Life – Campus Calendar.

How do I use it?

The Campus Calendar is customizable to your preferences.  You can choose to see everything in one color, or color-coded by category, or you can choose to see only those things that are most relevant to you in the moment.  For example, all Key Academic Dates are color-coded in red and you can sort the calendar to view only those dates by changing the current view. 

Add Events!

The Campus Calendar & Room Reservation Request form can be accessed through the portal Help Desk or through this icon  in Link Launcher. Once you fill this out, we’ll see it gets posted to the calendar ASAP. If you have more than one event, hit submit, and the form will allow you to make a “new” request.

What kind of events should go on the Campus Calendar?

The short answer is practically everything.

Submit all your events—from celebrations to recognize students to your weekly or monthly staff meetings to fundraisers.

Check your events:

It is your responsibility to make sure your events get posted to the Campus Calendar.  If your event is missing, check your request form or send us another one.  The calendar and the request form are still works in progress though we are closer and closer to a near perfect product.  If something doesn’t make sense, let the Director of Student Leadership know.