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Student Affairs Support Services

Ongoing Leadership Development & Support

Leadership Workshops

Periodically, the Office of Student Leadership will offer leadership workshops for Spalding students with RSO leaders given first priority.  These workshops are intended to help you improve your leadership edge, that is, the skills and qualities to help you be a more successful leader. 

Kentucky Collegiate Leadership Conference

The Kentucky Collegiate Leadership Conference (KCLC) is a statewide generalist leadership conference for students from all of the Commonwealth's colleges and universities. The conference was conceived by several members of the College Personnel Association of Kentucky in 2007 who discussed the need for a statewide leadership conference as a professional development opportunity for all Kentucky undergraduates.  The Office of Student Leadership has set aside funds to send students to KCLC every year.  The event usually takes place in January or February at a KY college campus.  You can also submit a proposal to present a workshop at the conference.  Contact the Director of Student Leadership if you would like to attend this professional development opportunity and sharpen your leadership skills by sharing best practices with other student leaders. 

Meeting Space

RSOs are invited to use ELC suite 305 in SDCL for meetings and may also request storage space for promotional material.