RSO Pelican Cup Application Rubric | Spalding University Student Handbook

RSO Pelican Cup Application Rubric

Applications receive points based on the following criteria, please be thorough:

Community Service:

  • Completed a community service project
  • The project included Spalding students outside of the organization
  • The organization created the service project
  • The project reflected the organization’s mission


Campus Event:

  • Hosted a campus event
  • The project was open to all Spalding students
  • The project reflects the organization’s mission
  • The organization tracked how many people participated
  • The organization provided an opportunity for feedback from participants


Organizational Promotion:

  • The organization was promoted
  • Tabled at the Student Involvement Fair
  • Hosted an information session or open meeting
  • Recognized current members for their contributions


Rat Race:

  • Participated in Rat Race
  • Trained a rat
  • Attended weekly events of Rat Race Week
  • Marched in Parade



  • Raised funds for their organization
  • Detailed how much was raised
  • Described what they used the funds for